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Our unwavering commitment to Uptime keeps your trucks on the road. Innovations like Adaptive Loading, the first fully integrated 6×2 liftable axle, help ensure that your trucks run at peak fuel efficiency and performance every mile of every haul. Pair that with one of our advanced torque packages, and you’ll reap the benefits as soon as your truck hits the interstate.

Let’s take a closer look at how Adaptive Loading can make your job easier.

Greater Fuel Efficiency
Like other 6×2 setups, Adaptive Loading improves fuel efficiency compared with traditional 6×4 configurations, which have two drive axles. The non-drive axle, which is in the forward position of the tandem axles, helps distribute load weight without the internal gearing of a drive axle, lowering weight and reducing internal friction. The reduced weight – more than 300 pounds compared with a 6×4 – enables a greater payload.

Lower Maintenance Costs
Another advantage of operating in a 4×2 configuration is reduced wear and longer life for tires and brakes installed on the lift axle. More consistent loading also offers increased tire life on the steer axle and drive axle.

Improved Driver Productivity
Adaptive Loading also can improve productivity for drivers. By operating the ECS in manual mode on a parked truck, drivers can raise the tractor’s suspension system up to two inches above normal ride height, which can speed trailer drop-and-hook operations and make lifting the trailer’s landing gear easier and safer. This enables drivers to spend more time on the road and less time at shipper and receiver facilities.

Better Traction
Volvo’s fully integrated technology helps alleviate any concerns over traction in a 6×2 operation versus a 6×4. ECS preserves traction under lighter loads by transferring more weight to the drive axle. In adverse weather or other special situations, drivers can achieve enhanced traction through special ECS settings and traction support integrated into the chassis. Enhanced traction supports the truck during high-slip situations – better than 6×4 without inter-axle differential lock.

Adaptive Loading delivers, even in harsh, cold weather conditions. Click to download the complete 6×2 Guide and check out the video below to see innovation triumph over Old Man Winter.

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