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If you’ve spent any time on the road, you know that unplanned stops tend to occur when it hurts the most, costing time and money. In fact, it’s estimated that one day of uptime can save you up to $1,100. Keeping your truck in prime operating condition and utilizing our suite of Uptime Services are two ways to help protect against unplanned stops and in turn, keep cash in your pocket. With the holidays right around the corner, cash in your pocket is a good thing to have.

Check out our list of 5 things you can buy with $1,100.

3 Go Pro Cameras
Filming the exciting journey on the road has become a popular trend among professional truck drivers. The idea of sharing your life and story with millions of viewers online is intriguing, especially when that journey involves hauling freight through big cities and back roads across the country. With $1,100 you can buy 3 Go Pro cameras, which might be exactly what you need to propel yourself into internet stardom.

10 Volvo Trucker Jackets
No matter where you are, or what harsh weather conditions you face throughout your day, we’ve got you covered. With $1,100, you can conquer the elements with a sleek, modern Volvo Trucker jacket and pay it forward to 9 of your friends.

A Full Tank of Diesel
If you’re a long-haul driver, you may be packing dual 125 gallon fuel tanks. Currently, the average price for diesel is around $2.50 in the United States. With this in mind, you could fill up nearly twice with $1,100. Fuel is one of the most expensive costs associated with trucking, so this may be your most beneficial option.

Donuts. Lots of Donuts.
It’s hard to resist fresh, hot donuts at a local truck stop. With $1,100, you can buy a ton of donuts. With the average price being roughly $1.20, you could get about 916 donuts. For health reasons, we certainly don’t recommend buying that many, but you could if you wanted.

Beef Jerky
Beef Jerky
Let’s face it. Rest stops aren’t exactly known for their selection of healthy foods. However, beef jerky could be a healthier alternative. Some food for thought: A 1-ounce piece of beef jerky provides more than 9 grams of protein. The money saved with a day of uptime could get you 37 pounds of beef jerky. Bon appétit.

Happy Holidays from all of us at Volvo Trucks. May your routes be filled with uptime and your pockets be filled with extra cash.

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